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Welcome to Su’s Creative Corner Preschool.

Our Preschool is designed to respond to the increasing needs of families with young children and forming a friendly partnership with parents. As a basis principle, we believe that early childhood education is the most important stage in an individual’s life. The learning capabilities are at an all time high; therefore any positive experience in this stage of a child’s life, will affect the behavior and attitude toward his/her future.

Our mission is to provide a cozy, nurturing environment that will foster each child’s feelings of independence and positive self-image, promoting the development of each child individually. Children will be exposed to challenges both intellectually and artistically. Our outstanding academic programs of active learning include socialization, emotional, cognitive, language and physical development.

Our primary goal is for children to acquire a zest for learning as they develop a positive self-esteem, essential academic skills and leadership. At Su’s Creative Corner Preschool, we provide the necessary educational activities that will allow your child to function successfully throughout his/her early childhood experiences and continue growing academically in Kindergarten.

Our preschool director is certified and licensed in Early Childhood Education with eight years experience in teaching and administration. She has a pending Bachelor’s degree and has dedicated herself to helping children that require additional educational services through our tutoring program. Mrs. Marti has worked with strategy-consulting firms in education, implementing academic curriculums to improve Public and Private school state assessment standards from grades 1-8. As a former Regional manager, and leader, she traveled throughout the states and helped in training new directors and area managers for an enrichment afterschool program brought by the “No Child Left Behind” and Supplemental Educational Services. Her experiences include Teaching, Effective Planning, Curriculum Analyzing, Training, Assessments and School Administration.

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"This institution is an equal opportunity provider"